Why I Design – The Royce Project interview with FILF UK.

I was recently approached by FILFUK (Fashion i Live For), which is a group and webpage that aims to empower artists, promote their merchandise, and share personal stories as artists. You can read the transcript of the interview we did below.

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Why I Design #YiD – “Every Artist has a Story to Share”


What is your passion in life? 


Art is a big part of my passion in life. It’s the only thing that allows me to get away while staying in the same place. It allows for creative expression and it’s a great way to decompress from every other responsibility life brings. 


How did you discover this passion? What was your journey to it like?  


I discovered my passion at a very young age. I started sketching at the age of 4-5. Just doodling, but my parents noticed my interest and gave me “how to” books which I later used to develop my own skills. Now, many years later I’m still doing art passionately. 

3.) FILF

Give 2 pieces of advice for someone who is chasing their passion?  


First, listen to your heart…it’s cliche, but if it’s truly a passion, you can’t ignore it and it’ll consume your soul until you do something about it. I’ve tried to suppress art in the past to focus on different things…it didn’t work. Two…if your passion can’t be your priority, keep it as a part of your life. I do art as a part time job. Which is truly a second job now that I’m more established. I wanted to focus on my main career without art in the past, but I had to keep that part of my life active.

4.) FILF

What was the hardest thing about discovering your passion? 


The hardest thing about discovering your passion is giving it an identity. I’d like to think I’ve developed my own style by now. Whether you’re an artist, musician, athlete, you never want to be compared to someone else. You want to be unique, so when you discover your passion, you have to identify which part of you will be expressed through that passion. 

5.) FILF

How did you remain hopeful that you were on the right path? 


I remained hopeful that I was on the right path by being active on social media. Nothing has ever confirmed that art was something to keep in my life more than the response on social media. Getting contacted by strangers just to tell me they admire my work tells me that I’m doing something right. 

6.) FILF

Tag a few people that have influenced or supported your artwork or passion ? 


My brothers at @ching_uk (IG) have influenced my entire 2016 outlook and the rest of my art life. Shouts to @jkingtheartist @stazzyart and @misterwestrup. The conversations you have with people who share the same passion as you can truly amplify your overall passion. 

That wraps up the interview. Makes sure to go check out all of FILF’s socials.